Adult socialsex charting

On all of the other adult sites we tested out, we encountered some very disturbing scams.

There were a ton of fake profiles, scam artists, and absolutely nothing that resembled a legitimate adult online dating website.

You definitely won’t be disappointed with the quality of women on there.

Adult socialsex charting-24

The few messages we did get back seemed genuine, and we felt bad for them being stuck on such an obnoxious website.

Here are some of the things that went wrong when we signed up for Fab We sent out 300 emails during our Fab Swingers comparison.

Let’s start out with the women because that’s the main thing you’re looking for in an adult site.

Plain and simple, the chicks are WAY hotter on the top 3 sites. They look better and their personalities are much more appealing. Other factors include fewer scams, better dating site features, more women responding to emails, easier to set up dates, etc.

We didn’t end up meeting anyone at all on Fab, and we’ll be pretty surprised if anyone else can as well. We know we aren’t alone, because of the very, very few people that did email us back, many of them expressed the same discontent and anger that we were feeling.