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Third, Aer made the humans, who were strong and warlike. Short and strong, they too were gifted with long life, but their love was for stone, steel, gems and hard work.

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p=79450#post79450) Aisle 3 - Planeswalkers: Aisle 4 - Classes/Archetypes: Bandits ( To my race he gave long life, great knowledge, and great power, but also the burden of a great responsibility.

Fearing for all the creations of his children, The Creator himself created the Alduvian race, which are now known as dragons by the other races of this world.

Humans, under the banner of Aer and the pantheon of deities that shared his vision, conquered much of the world. Across the world, humans and elves dabbled in sorcery and the magical power of creation.

THE TIME OF TORMENT After the creation, thousands of years passed.

The entities became the seeds of several different vile races, ranging from the vile goblins and orcs, to the bloodthirsty hyena-people of the deep deserts.