Pradip Sinha (pradips[AT]in) Ph D (Banaras Hindu University) Phone: 0512-259-4027 (O) Research Interests: Goals of my researches are to identify fundamental genetic mechanisms of carcinogenesis in the fruit fly, Drosophila.

Our eventual aims are also to extend these insights to explain developmental genetic basis of carcinogenesis in higher organisms including human and exploit the sophisticated genetics of Drosophila to screen for anti-cancer drug. Sankararamakrishnan (rsankar[AT]in) Ph D (IISc Bangalore) Phone: 0512-259-4014 (O) Research Interests: We are mainly interested in understanding the mechanism of membrane protein function using computational approaches.

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We focus in affinity based monolithic cryogel systems for type specific cell separation and stem cell separation. & Punjab University) Phone: 0512-259-4077 (O) Research Interests: Peptide design and protein aggregation mechanism, Amyloid diseases, Drug Discovery My lab is working on structural and biophysical basis of protein aggregation involved in amyloid diseases, with an aim for therapeutic development.