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Sex text messaging services let men and women contact girls or young men in their local area for erotic text chat.

It is a highly profitable and growing market place and one that you could get involved in for peanuts.

The customer is charged 1.50 on his mobile phone bill for each message that he receives.

This is a product that he doesn't have to pay for straightaway.

Obviously, not all clients spend this much; others might only earn you 10 but the big spenders can earn you 100 per month. Not only that, but we can cater for all sorts of different fetishes: bondage, leather, rubber, BBW, domination, and many more. MAKE MONEY ONLINE AS A SMS TEXT SUPPLIER This is one of the best ways to make money online.

The recession does not appear to be affecting peoples; libidos.

SELLING SMS SEX TEST MESSAGES Once set up and you start to generate traffic to your website or directly to your SMS number, building a regular income stream is natural. Each horny operator can choose from over 140 different personas, each with its own collection of real-life photos that they can use to send to your customers.


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