Validating a2 cdn

When the system is successfully authenticated, it registers the newly-assigned system inventory ID and the user account name which registered it.

validating a2 cdn-5

Attaching your system to a subscription consumes one or more entitlements from a valid subscription depending on the type of system that it is.

This guide covers how to understand and edit the configuration of Red Hat Subscription Manager. For regular system registration, see the Quick Registration for Red Hat Enterprise Linux guide in the subscription management documentation set.

It includes all of the products which are included in the subscription for service and support, the subscription start and end dates, and the number of subscriptions included for each product.

A subscription certificate does not list products that are currently installed on the system; rather, it lists all products that are available to the system.

This can be helpful if the identity certificate needs to be regenerated using a different Red Hat account than the original registration.


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