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This will enable the Secretary to include results and lessons learned from State intervention strategies to improve care as part of that annual reporting process. In addition, the MCO, on an ad 1 This protocol relies heavily on a guidebook produced by the National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA) that identifies key concepts in quality improvement (QI) studies.

Additionally, States may incorporate specific PIPs as part of their State quality strategy, required by Section 1932(c)(1) of the Social Security Act, to align with the HHS National Quality Strategy for Quality Improvement in Health Care. Please see References at the end of this protocol for a list of references that were used to develop this protocol.

EQR Protocol 7 Conduct of studies on quality that focus on an aspect of clinical or nonclinical services as a point in time Describes the process for the conduct of focused, one-time studies on an aspect of clinical and/or non-clinical services at a point in time.

EQR Protocol 8 The EQR protocols contain five appendices available that provide worksheets, additional information on sampling, an acronym listing/glossary, and the MCO/PIHP Information System Capabilities Assessment.

Annually, CMS will review the detailed technical reports for evaluation and follow-up.